Welcome to CPS group of NEWSLab

Welcome to the web site of Dr. Chi-Sheng Shih‘s research group.

On this site, you will find the information of our research projects, publications, resource repository, activities, members, and calendars.

This research group is part of NEWS Lab. NEWS Lab locates in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University and is formed by three professors and their students. The research in NEWS Lab ranges from low level software for device control, scheduling algorithms in operating systems, middleware for mobile devices and distributed computing, and network resource management for various network protocol.

This research of Dr. Chi-Sheng Shih’s group aims on the system software for embedded systems, autonomous vehicle, Internet-of-Things, distributed systems, and cloud computing. Our research works have been published on prestigious international conference and journal. We also work closely with industrial partners including III, ITRI, Intel, and LiLee Systems.

For prospective students, you can visit lab introduction and our research pages to learn what we are doing lately.



施吉昇教授研究室為台灣大學無線網路與嵌入式系統研究室的一員。無線網路與嵌入式系統研究室(NEWS Lab)由三位教授以及許多研究生與大學生共同組成。無線網路與嵌入式系統研究室的研究主題包含裝置驅動的控制演算法與軟體,作業系統研究,排程理論研究,無線網路,嵌入式系統,異質計算系統,雲端系統,與行動運算中介軟體。



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